A chocolate family history


It is a great challenge and adventure to project our chocolate factory into the future.

Day after day, our actions are driven by our family values, the passion for Grand Chocolat and the professionalism of our teams.

The listening and attention of each moment towards our customers, irrigates the daily state of mind that reigns at the chocolate factory. Currently we are engaged in the implementation of a sustainable sector in fair trade cocoa, we will inform you of the progress of this beautiful project.



The Alsacien anchoring and eco-citizen

With our serenity and maturity, we are more than ever driven by beautiful projects. The opening of the Chocolaterie du Vignoble in 2010 is a magnificent showcase of our know-how and our anchoring in Alsace. The creation and animation of a team of high-level professionals brings us a lot of satisfaction, pride and strengthens our attachment to the craft profession. Daniel Stoffel remains the soul of the company, the guardian of our values "a life of passion for his job and an exceptional career". His children, rich in their differences, listening to today's world, are digging the furrow of sustainability and projecting the company into the future.

The entrepreneurial spirit

Thanks to the quality of our chocolates and the mastery of our know-how, we take courageous decisions to lay solid foundations. Very quickly, Laurent reoriented the commercial activity. Strategic shift and focus on exports, distant countries and the discovery of exoticism. The success is immediate. At the same time, Martine focuses on the local clientele, listening and observing attentively. The store becomes a magical place, an exquisite world of flavours and delicacies, from winked gifts to prestigious gifts.

This decade was also marked by major projects, the relocation of the chocolate factory, successive expansions and customer development.

Family spirit

Passionate parents, in love with their profession, transmit the desire to join them to their children, Laurent and Martine. Together, they are working on projects that are based on the experience of mom and dad and the boldness of the children. "With our family values in mind, we think, try, dare to step out of the box and take risks. »

The development

Daniel Stoffel then exhibited at trade fairs in Paris and the provinces. As a quality ambassador, he then developed his sales to French professionals. The reputation of the chocolate factory, already strong in Alsace, is gradually spreading in France. The range of products is expanding and thanks to an innate culture of quality, customers trust and form the basis for the development of the chocolate factory.

The beginnings

Daniel Stoffel has loved crafts since childhood. His journey leads him to excellence in the magical world of chocolate. Enthusiasm, recklessness and a lot of courage pushed him to create his own chocolate factory, backed by his master's degree and his first experiences as a master chocolate maker. His chocolates are then made at home, in the cellar, under the tender eyes of his family. Then his wife Marie joined him and supported him in his exemplary desire to create and his legendary tenacity at work. Daniel Stoffel is constantly perfecting his chocolates and settling in a historic mill in his hometown of Haguenau.

Daniel Stoffel

The founder

Daniel Stoffel